Our Range

All Dixon-Lesley cutters offer the following benefits:

  • Accuracy to within 0.5mm
  • Low spindle power
  • Low swarf
  • User-regrindable, replaceable tips
  • Extended life at moderate cost

Plate Cutters

  • For plate up to 10mm thick
  • Diameters from 16mm to 300mm

Long Reach Cutters

  • For plate up to 90mm thick
  • Diameters from 40mm to 300mm

Tube Cutters

  • For cutting into tubes, vessels or irregular surfaces
  • Hole diameters up to 300mm
  • Single pass solution to difficult problems
  • Off-axis and oblique boring


  • Single pass through boring of hollow sections and fabrications
  • Through hole alignment assured

Under Pressure, Hot Tapping & Oilfield Cutters

  • Special tools for cutting into pressurised live gas or fluid pipes
  • A tapping tool is available to cut and thread up to 200mm diameter in one pass
  • Cutters supplied for well-head and down-hole applications
  • Coupon capture systems available

Face Grooving Cutters

  • Groove diameter up to 300mm
  • Groove width up to 11mm in one pass