Tube Cutter

Tube Cutters

The Dixon-Lesley tube cutter uses the same proven technique as other cutters in the range with the added advantage of being able to withstand the intermittent cuts experienced when cutting into tubular sections.

Not only can Dixon-Lesley tube cutters produce a hole at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the tube (and through the other side), but can produce a hole off-axis, at a simple or compound angle, and form part holes or scallops at the end of tubes.

Off-axis Hole

The only requirements are a reasonably rigid machine set-up and an adequate supply of cutting lubricant.

All Dixon-Lesley cutters are supplied with replaceable and regrindable HSS Cobalt cutting tips which can cope with most workpiece materials including stainless and alloy steels, inconel, titanium and other exotic alloys.