Long Reach Plate Cutter

Long Reach Cutters

Dixon-Lesley long reach plate cutters will cut deep holes quickly and economically through virtually all engineering materials, from thermoplastics to Stainless and Inconel Alloys. Long reach plate cutters are available from 40mm up to 300mm diameter and are suitable for plate up to 90mm thick.

Cutters are fitted with replaceable cutting inserts, usually made from M42 Cobalt HSS. These inserts may be easily re-ground by the user up to six times before replacement becomes necessary.

A wide range of arbors is available to fit most machine spindles.

The Dixon-Lesley long reach plate cutter offers major advantages compared with alternative methods.

Less Waste: The cutter generates a re-useable billet with minimal swarf.
Less Power: The cutter requires no more spindle power than a 12mm twist drill.
Less Inventory: Machines a hole within 0.5mm tolerance with excellent surface finish in one pass.
Less Maintenance: User re-grindable tips in a high quality alloy steel body for long life with low maintenance costs.