The Dixon-Lesley THRUCUT allows users to machine accurate holes right through both sides of fabrications, hollow sections etc. at one pass, with alignment automatically guaranteed.

Typically, a 75mm hole through both walls of 150x150x12 RHS steel can be completed in less than 5 minutes at one setting. This compares with up to an hour using traditional methods.

The cutter works by machining a blank from the outer face of the section, then continuing to feed through its own hole until it reaches the opposite wall where it cuts another identical blank directly in line. The cutter is fitted with replaceable M42 HSS cutting inserts which can be reground by the user.

Through Hole Alignment

Hole size can be held to tolerances of better than 0.5mm and diameters range from 30mm up to 300mm.

Arbor styles available from stock include Morse Taper, International Taper, Weldon style shank and parallel shank. Special forms can be made to order.

Special versions are available for cutting holes at oblique angles.