Face Grooving Cutter

Face Grooving Cutters

Dixon-Lesley face grooving cutters have been designed to machine accurate grooves on component faces for accepting 'O'-ring seals, shaft seals etc. and may be used in centre lathes, drilling, milling or special purpose machines. Available in diameters from 16mm to 300mm, with groove widths from 2mm to 11mm. These cutters offer a cost effective solution to difficult tooling problems.

Replaceable M42 Cobalt HSS tips are fitted, which provide excellent performance even with difficult materials such as Duplex Stainless Steels, Inconel, Hasteloy etc. and may be easily re-ground up to six times. Special form tooling inserts can be provided to machine profiled grooves, weld preparations and other non-standard cross sections. Tips in various grades of carbide, coated and uncoated can also be supplied.

Dixon-Lesley grooving cutters are usually supplied ready mounted on an arbor to suit the user's machine spindle. Precision concentric cylindrical grinding of the arbor and cutter together in our works guarantees true running. Arbor styles available from stock include Morse Taper, International Taper, Weldon style shank, and parallel shank. Special forms can be made to order.

Groove Profile Specification